Changing Seasons!

Changing Seasons!

I am sure I am not the only one who is excited about Summer turning to Fall. Some changes in life are desired and other changes may take a lifetime to accept. This is truly what has happened for my family on June 22. My dad went home to be with the Lord and it was unexpected and shocking! Truly a blindside in life. I am thankful for the friends and family who stood beside me and literally were the hands and feet of Christ to myself and my loved ones! Things have been delayed due to this event. Nine weeks later it is still hard to pick up and do this. Two months prior to my dad passing, he helped me do my first craft fair. We were exhausted and broken in with knowledge of what to do and NOT to do for the next one. He cried, which is not normal for my dad and had a conversation with me that did not make complete sense to me until now. He told me not to quit! He told me he wanted to help me by giving me money to further my candle business. He told me his vision for this business... it wasn't for riches that we think of today. It was for unity and opportunity for our family to use what gifts we have to build something together. My dad was scheduled to meet me at my next craft show the day after he passed. I was in my candle room packing and preparing to travel the next day to the event when I got the news about my dad. This season of change was not a welcome one for me, to be honest I still struggle to accept it. One thing I am thankful for is the change that this season has brought me. I will take what my dad has shown me my whole life and apply it. When you show up....SHOW UP with everything you have. Give your all and keep getting up and moving on! My daddy died with his boots on and his daughter plans to do the same!
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We, at Hope Hollow, want to thank you for supporting our ministry and camp for children and young adults with disabilities!
Please send me your address when you can because I would like to invite you to a dinner we are having at my home.
Thanks again,
Donna Kaye Byrd

Donna Kaye Byrd

It was so great seeing y’all at Christmas City again this year! I love the blog about family and I’m really happy I was able to introduce my family to y’all and your candles! I still can’t believe you didn’t bring any snickerdoodle candles with you! LOL Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Eric Kotowski

Ganna’s Candles has been doing exactly what you said…bringing your family together. I have enjoyed seeing your family supporting you so faithfully! Dad’s prayers, and yours, are being answered. God bless you for such a giving heart. I love your story and your candles and melts! #forevergannascandles

Toni Lizana

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