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What to expect using Melts

Warmers do not heat up enough to completely evaporate all of the wax. It heats the wax and the scent burns off.

When you no longer smell your fragrance it is time to remove all of the wax safely.

Never touch the wax when it is hot or attempt to pour the melted wax down the drain.

When it cools the wax solidifies again and blocks the drain and causes damage.

The best way to remove the wax is to wait until it is cool and then turn your burner back on for about a minute. This allows the bottom of the wax to melt and slide out easily.

After it is removed, place the wax in the trash and wipe the dish with a paper towel to remove any excess wax. Refill your warmer and enjoy! 

*Remember to make sure your bulb is screwed in securely for maximum heat*

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